We are expecting our first new addition in August, which has thrown me into this intense nesting period – it’s the weirdest thing! Right now we have an 800-sq-ft apartment with 3 closets, so we’ve got to get creative about where everything will fit.

This nesting phase has been interesting because it is not natural for me. Don’t get me wrong – I love an organized house and get very stressed when things are a mess, but I just can never seem to keep a clean house. It has just never worked – our schedules are too crazy, I don’t have time, and I don’t have enough space for everything. AND – my husband may or not be a messy person as well….haha. 🙂 So let’s talk about the things that we struggled with, to start:

  1. CLOTHES – EVERYWHERE! Laundry is overwhelming. But let’s face it – in the Figiel household you can wear an outfit a couple times before it really needs to be washed (are we the only ones that do this!?). I noticed that Zach thought any flat surface was the perfect place for him to put his “I wore this once but it’s not dirty yet and I’ll wear it again before I wash it” clothes. Our desk in the 2nd bedroom turned into a clothes pile. For me, I left these clothes on the floor because I was just too lazy to re-hang them or put them away. So sometimes you couldn’t see the floor in our bedroom – how lovely!

  2. THOSE STUPID TUPPERWARE LIDS. We don’t have much cabinet space, and they seemed to be full of those tupperware lids that didn’t actually fit anything (UGH), and it looked SO messy. Let’s get real – I’m WAY too lazy to perfectly place them in the cabinet after I wash them, so I just stuffed them wherever they would fit (don’t judge!).

  1. CHARGERS AND CORDS AND I-PADS – OH MY! We still have about a gazillion cords that we have no idea what they’re used for but we’re too scared to throw them away. And of course you need a phone charger in every room. And if you live in an old house like ours, of course the outlets are few and far between and in the most inconvenient spots. This led us to have cords everywhere and our phones and ipads and Apple watches left everywhere around the house.

  2. “I DON’T KNOW WHERE THIS GOES.” When we moved in together, I was in charge of deciding where everything went. It’s not his fault, but Zach didn’t know where to put things away. We didn’t really work together on this, which left me in charge of putting things away and cleaning up, or Zach leaving stuff out because he didn’t want to put it in the wrong spot. AKA – crap everywhere.

So – our apartment was a disaster. Even when it was “clean,” I still felt cluttered and disorganized. So – ENOUGH with feeling like I have to organize so I can impress Marie Kondo (sorry girl) or be featured on Pinterest, and fail at keeping it that way and then giving up. We decided to work with our messiness and create a system around our laziness. We are messy people – so how can we work with our style instead of making ourselves feel bad and trying to be something we’re not (what a great life lesson for other areas as well)? Here are 4 ways how we are putting this into practice in our home:

  1. LAUNDRY PURGATORY : We now have 2 laundry bins instead of just one. One is for dirty clothes, and one bin is for “Wear Again” clothes – that in-between stage when you’ve worn something but it’s not quite “dirty” yet. We can just throw our clothes in the “wear again” bin and easily find them later, instead of having to sort between what’s clean and what’s not clean on the floor or laid out all over every flat surface in the house (LOL). This has saved us A LOT of laundry because we know which is which. It has also saved us a lot of time in the morning!

  2. BINS FROM TARGET : This is saving us! It started in our kitchen cabinets – I bought some simple bins to throw our stupid tupperware lids in. All the bins match and are all the same color to keep things looking clean and fresh. This way – we can still sloppily throw all the containers and lids in the bin with reckless abandon, but at least it’s contained and looks pretty now! We’ve now added bins in every closet too – look at the difference it makes!

  1. CHARGING STATION : I found an old basket that I got at Target that I wasn’t using. I cleared off a space on a bookshelf and decided to make a charging station for our phones and tablets and all that. The basket has holes in the sides, so I put the charging cords through it to keep them all in one place. And – instead of bringing our phones in the bedroom with us when it’s time to go to sleep, we now leave them out in the charging station in the living room. This has helped our sleep SO MUCH and it has also helped our relationship. I didn’t realize how distracting our phones really are at bedtime until we started implementing our new system.

  1. LABELING : This may seem excessive for some (and I know I got a bit excessive with my nesting), but I’ve labeled almost every storage area in our house. This helps me empower my wonderful husband to know how to help me clean the house or put things away. 😉 I use my glorious label-maker that Santa got me last year. I also bought these handy bin tags so I can even label those as well. It has helped us so much in being able to work together as a team so we can help each other. Neither of us have any excuse to not put things away or to put them in the wrong place.

So there you have it – our fool-proof tips for being organized if you actually ARE NOT. 🙂 It was a time investment to figure out our (*extremely*) minimal storage spaces, and a financial investment in buying about a million bins. My Love Language is Quality Time, so it was also a mental investment for Zach to accompany me and be with me through every annoying trip to Target and every step of the way. Here he is on the floor in the kitchen reading to me while I got organized – LOL. Brownie points!

Hopefully this will help you embrace your messiness and work with yourself instead of working against yourself. If you’re already organized – I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU! 🙂
Happy organizing!


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